Preparing for your shoot

These are special photos we will be creating together.  

Here are some tips to help you prepare.

What to wear

~ Suit yourself!  Wear what you feel best in, I promise it will shine through in your photos!

~ Give thought to your clothing choices, what styles are most flattering on you?  We want you to LOVE how you look!

~ Be sure your clothes are clean and not wrinkled.  (keep extra clothes on hangers)

~ Bring different choices from casual to dressy and feel free to have fun with accessories.

~ Don’t be afraid of color! Solid bold colors photograph well.

Hair and Make up

~ I recommend having hair and make up professionally done.  It can make a world of difference!

~ My make up artist can help you create just the right look for you, so if you don’t usually wear a lot of make up, don’t worry.

~ If you choose to do your own hair and make up thats fine.  Take your time to really get the look you want! Remember it's all about you!

~ I recommend NOT get your hair cut or making any big style changes right before your session. Give yourself time to feel comfortable in your style. 

The little things matter

~ Nails should be well groomed.

~ Beware of chapped lips, if your lips get dry easily, bring chapstick or lip gloss.

~ Be sure your clothes are as wrinkle free as possible... did I say that already?

~ Acne trouble is normal especially for teenagers. If you have a breakout... no worries. It can be retouched.


~ Lets let your personality really shine, If you love music, sports, dance whatever it is, bring along anything that shows the world who you are, what you're proud of!

~ Musical instruments, dancing shoes,  sports uniforms etc.

~ I’ll help you with posing as we move along... your job is just to RELAX, BE YOURSELF and HAVE FUN!

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